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The Power of Worship - Amazing Testimony!

Jul 29, 2011

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We recently came across this video that was truly inspiring and a testament to our God’s power! We wanted to share it with you and asked Stefan for a first hand account of what happened.


We hope this encourages and blesses you as much as it did us!

Kristina had a meeting with someone and in the meeting, the person’s phone starts ringing. Kristina could tell that it was a disturbing phone call and after learning that the person’s nephew was in the hospital, she offered to go pray for him. She grabs me and we go to the hospital. Before we came in, Josh was not able to respond. Just as we came in, it got better. He was in writhing pain, even though he had the highest dose of pain medication available.

Both Kristina and I could feel the spirit of death. The doctors had only given him four hours to live at this point. Since we both did not really know what to do, we just decided to laugh over him, since the word of God says the He laughs at the plans of the enemy and death for Josh was a bad plan in our opinion.
So we laughed and declared God’s goodness over Josh and started to sing a worship song over him. As we did, he started waking up and singing with us. He said: you guys look like Christmas.


He gave his life to the Lord and I could feel peace filling the whole room. His legs were swollen, but all of a sudden he started to sit up.

Just two days later he was able to walk. There was no more swelling on his legs.

He was a heroin addict who just wanted to kill himself but now lives for the lord praying himself for coma patients and seeing the healed. It’s really cool.



Stefan Ladeck