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Smiles Agbor Junior

Snoovy smiles|Cameroon

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Jesus Christ is my Rock of Ages. I love you Jesus

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May the Lord open up The windows of heaven And pour us a blessing That we will not have room Enough to receive it all. May the Lord bless Us exceedingly and abundantly, Above all | još

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Snoovy smiles Apr 18, 2009 3 Komentari

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving and caring for my family, friends and i. I plead for your mercy in my life and that of my family and friends. Forgive our sins lord and let your peace reign in our hearts. I beg you lord to bless my family, friends and i so that we may stand in awe of you and give you thanks. Just as you said in John 14:14, ask me for anything in my name and i will do it, lord let your word and promise came to manifest in our lives in Jesus' name. Thank you lord for answering our prayers for your word says, whatever we bind here on earth shall be bind in heaven and whatever we deny here on earth, shall be denied in heaven. Let thy name be praised for ever and ever in Jesus' name. Amen