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Chanel Sumpter

chanel2|United States

Proverbs 31: 25-31 God be praised may I aways follow your words with grace and pose. Thank you Father :)

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Thank you Lord for the many blessings coming our way, in your time and in you will. I love you Lord and I lift your name high! Thank you father for another year in paradise.

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Drew Davidsen is, hands down, one of the most refreshing guitarists I’ve experienced in contemporary jazz to date.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that he hails from—and still resides in—my neck of the woods. Each of his releases has served to make us here in DC/MD/VA area quite proud. His latest venture, True Drew, hits the streets in March and is true to form, offering no disappointments at all.


For the first 5 tracks, including the lead track, “My Guitar,” a bright, airy up-tempo tune inspired by guitar wiz Pat Metheny, Davidsen travels the very cool side of jazz. Actually, I hear a touch of Metheny and Wes Montgomery on a few of these tracks, including “95 South” and “Hi5,” but what you clearly hear is that Drew Davidsen style throughout.  The mellow, deliberate approach and attention to the sheer beauty of the jazz guitar do justice to all of these tracks. His riffs and chords are crisp and clean, the melodies catchy, and the rhythms smooth and unhurried.  I must also give kudos to Alvin Fisher and Alan Blackman for some really nice flute and strings work on track 5’s “All Night and Forever.”  Memorable. For more on the review check it out: http://www.thesmoothjazzride.com/site/drew-davidsen-true-drew/#more-8711


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Latest TSJR CD Reviews for Threestyle, Ethan Farmer , and Elan Trotman

Threestyle is an interesting group with an eclectic, distinct approach to jazz. Their new album Feel the Vibe has the genuine attractiveness of really good contemporary jazz/jazz fusion, some blues | još

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