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Chanel Sumpter

chanel2|United States

Proverbs 31: 25-31 God be praised may I aways follow your words with grace and pose. Thank you Father :)

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Thank you Lord for the many blessings coming our way, in your time and in you will. I love you Lord and I lift your name high! Thank you father for another year in paradise.

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Latest TSJR CD Reviews for Threestyle, Ethan Farmer , and Elan Trotman

Feb 07, 2013

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Threestyle is an interesting group with an eclectic, distinct approach to jazz. Their new album Feel the Vibe has the genuine attractiveness of really good contemporary jazz/jazz fusion, some blues leanings, and even a dab of Brazilian charm on one track. I could roll off a list of other attractive pieces on this album, but just suffice it to say that this is a well-rounded project that should have broad appeal. Give it a listen for yourself, and feel the vibe. For the full review please visit us: http://www.thesmoothjazzride.com/site/threestyle-feel-the-vibe/#more-8750


Jazz fusion bassist Ethan Farmer (aka “E-Bassman”) is certainly no stranger to the music industry, having toured with some of the finest in music over the years. In fact, he has just returned from a tour with famed pianist/vocalist Lionel Ritchie. His debut, Wine & Strings, was released in 2011, and he is now re-releasing it here with a full length 14-track release to follow in late Spring this year. Fusion fans certainly aren’t the only people who will enjoy this release but they should definitely be pleased to have yet another who knows his way around this special genre. I can only imagine what awaits us in late Spring when the bassist adds several more tracks to this album. Simply put: Talented and most impressive. For the full review click here: http://www.thesmoothjazzride.com/site/ethan-farmer-wine-strings/#more-8688


Caribbean saxman Elan Trotman brings to us on Tropicality, his sixth and latest solo album (to be released on Feb. 19), the very rich and tasty melodies of the lands of warmth and serenity. Not only does this CD have character, it has charm and presence that take you gently by the hand and lead you into a world of music that is as noted for these very melodies as it is for its palatable food. Coming right at you with the reggae-colored Stevie Wonder track “Master Blaster,” Trotman moves and grooves through this project with such fluidity and pride for his home and culture. As he says, “This album is very special to me as I’ve always wanted to showcase my Caribbean heritage through my music. We ‘islanders’ are happy people by nature and that quality has always been evident by the way our music grooves.” This is a solid project loaded with great tracks from beginning to end. It has drive, exoticism, and more. For more on the review click here: http://www.thesmoothjazzride.com/site/elan-trotman-tropicality/#more-8694