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Maria Jhon

mariajhon6504|United States

Maria has been working as a blogger since 2011, writing blogs and articles relating the IT infrastructure, networking solutions, computer hardware, and security software.

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Easy hacks to fix if Google Chrome not Saving Passwords

Jan 21, 2021

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Google Chrome provides all the features that could save us from all the hassles while surfing on the internet. And, probably this is the reason why Google Chrome lets you save passwords of various accounts that you have logged in from the browser. It makes our task a lot easier as we don’t have to sign in repeatedly. But, what if you suddenly notice that Chrome not saving passwords and you have to sign in every time you open Chrome or any other website? Well, this would be a troublesome situation! So, here we have come up with some easy breezy hacks to fix if Google Chrome not saving passwords:

  • Try Another Browser: It would be a good idea to sign in from other browser and make sure you choose the option to save password for future.
  • Create a new user account: Alternatively, you can also choose to create a new user account and sign in to it and other accounts and keep your passwords saved. Sometimes, a new user accounts eliminates the issue of not saving passwords.
  • Sign out and sign in: You should also try to sign out from all accounts and then sign in to it once again. It might fix up the issue.
  • Clear Google Chrome Cache and Cookies: You need to learn how to clear cache on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Remove them and then try to use Google Chrome, it will start saving passwords.
  • Disable problematic Extensions: You need to disable all the extensions temporarily so as to get over this problem as quickly as possible.


Now, if you have any further queries, you need to know that you have taken help from the experienced professionals. They would guide in fixing common issues like Chrome not saving passwords or how to clear Google Chrome cache on Mac.

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