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Everyday, there are so many people reporting for Lenovo laptop sound problem. this problem can be due to several reasons.

  1. Audio is muted.
  2. Driver issue.
  3. Application issue.
  4. Speakers Problem.

Today in this article, we are going to describe about how to fix audio problem on laptop.

  1. Make sure you have not muted the sound by mistake. if you find the volume is muted. You need to go ahead and unmute the sound. To unmute the sound, you need to press the sound button on your laptop.
  2. Sometimes, you might not be able to hear the sound from your laptop, due to the faulty speakers. to ensure the speakers, you need to plug in an external speakers or earphone into your laptop and then try to play an audio. Let’s see if you can hear the sound or not?
  3. You might be unable to hear the sound due to outdated audio driver. So you should not forget to update the sound driver. To update the sound driver. You may visit Lenovo official website and download the latest driver from there.
  4. After following the instructions, if you are unable to get the audio from your laptop. You need to uninstall the sound driver from your laptop and install the latest the sound driver into your computer.

Finally, you will get rid of Lenovo laptop sound not working problem. somehow if you are unable to hear the sound. You need to factory restore your computer to the last date. When you were getting the sound from your laptop.  

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